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Pensions Advice

pensions It is imperative we all plan for the future, as we all have to retire one day. Unfortunately many people find Pensions and retirement a complicated subject that has many rules and regulations, and it is often quite hard to keep on top of everything and ensure that you receive the most money you can when it is time to retire. By making use of an IPA (Independent Pensions Adviser) you can get advice on all aspects of pensions regardless of your current situation, including pension reviews, general pensions and advice, and pension sharing upon divorce.

Unfortunately many marriages now finish in a divorce, and this often affects your pension rights, as one or both of the partners have matrimonial assets that are shared. As such the treatment of these rights can often be a complex matter and many different factors need to be taken into account as each party will need professional advice to determine which of the many options available is best for them.

Pension IFA's

Luckily IFAs services cover advice on all of these areas, from expert advice on your pension options and guidance on pension sharing, to the percentage splits and pension transfer. Ultimately an IFA will give you peace of mind knowing that you can get the most out of your pension and have as much control as possible.

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